FilterCopy | Thoughts You Have The Morning After The Party | Ft. Akash Deep, Banerjee, Madhu, Surbhi

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Publish on: 2018-01-01 06:33:04
REGRET. GUILT. ANGER. These are just some of the things you feel the morning after you have partied hard. All the drinks, shots and pegs on the rocks that you loved having the night before feel like your worst enemies in the morning. If you've been through the same, don't forget to share this video with all the friends you party with. Also, let us know of any other thoughts that we may have missed out in the comments below. Happy 2018! CREDITS PRODUCER ADITYA PISHARODY CREATIVE PRODUCER NISHAAD JAVERI DIRECTOR ADITYA PISHARODY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR KEENAN BURROUGHS WRITER NISHAAD JAVERI DOP ANIRUDDHA PATANKAR CAST (in alphabetical order) AKASHDEEP ARORA ANIRUDDHA BANERJEE KEENAN BURROUGHS MADHU GUDI SURBHI BAGGA VIRAJ GHELANI EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SANGEETHA RAO EDITOR ASHWIN LAKSHMI NARAYAN AVINASH WAGHMARE JAICY MATHEW COLOR GRADING ANIRUDDHA PATANKAR SOUND RECORDIST SANGEETHA RAO SOUND DESIGN SUDHANSHU GAUR SUBTITLING KEENAN BURROUGHS GRAPHICS SIDHANT GANDHI MANOJ OMRE SHREYA SETHI SPOT YOGESH BAJRANG