JAB WE METRO | Award Winning Short Film | True Story #MyMetroMyStory

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Publish on: 2017-03-20 11:08:41
Have you ever met someone unexpectedly? Do you believe that life is full of surprises? JAB WE METRO is a tale of two people who meet during a metro journey. Do watch the film and find out how the story unfolds. Epic Ball Curry presents, A Triangle Hues Productions Starring Kaustubh Kumar Hanisha Kedia Piyush Shinde Jomin Varghese Cinematography Smaran Eligeti Sneha Samuel Abhinandan Sharma Editor Krunal Mali Sound Recording Atul Gaikwad Screenplay Jomin Varghese Sneha Samuel Smaran Eligeti Story & Direction Jomin Varghese Special Thanks, Shantanu Naik Piyush Shinde Khayal Vadnere Mayuresh Belsare Pranita Sai Tawadekar Dinesh Khemani Priyanka Shetty Abhimanyu Saraf Yash Mehta Music Credits Royalty Free Music Galactic Kids Got Better Things to do Gotta Move on Youtube Audio Library Firmament Apple Music Library Dustbowl Kevin MacLeod Aunt Tagonist - Silent Film Dark Side Path Hyde Free Instrumentals Acoustic Folk Instrumental Please Like, Share and Subscribe.